The CW Wants The Doom Patrol In Crisis On Infinite Earths

Doom Patrol
Image via Warner Bros.

Crisis on Infinite Earths” just keeps on getting bigger. The next Arrowverse crossover won’t only unite The CW’s usual stable of superheroes but will also pull off the impressive feat of bringing stars from other DC TV – and movie – universes into the fray as well. Speaking of DC Universe, the cast of the streaming service’s Titans is already thought to be appearing in the event and so, too, could the stars of sister show Doom Patrol

We Got This Covered has heard that The CW wants to get the Doom Patrol team on board for “Crisis.” Our sources – the same ones who told us about both the Green Lantern show and the Arrow spinoff before they were officially revealed, and that Tom Welling was returning for “Crisis” – have informed us that this is certainly an aim, but they can’t confirm for sure whether it’ll be able to happen or if the two parties will be able to make it work. Right now, it’s just something that the network is hoping for, but isn’t set in stone as of yet.

Arrowverse insider/YouTuber Pagey has previously claimed that the Titans will appear via a scene set in the team’s HQ, which was filmed during production on that show’s second season. This hasn’t been officially confirmed just yet, but it’d be a sensible way of achieving a crossover without having to ship Brenton Thwaites and the rest off to Vancouver. So, maybe the potential Doom Patrol cameo could work the same way.

Season 2 is rumored to begin shooting this very month, so it would theoretically be possible for the cast to film a brief scene for “Crisis” which could be slotted in before the miniseries kicks off in December. But again, it’s best not to get your hopes up too high just yet as we’re unsure of if The CW and DC Universe will be able to make the crossover work.

In any case, we can tell you with certainty that “Crisis on Infinite Earths” will air its first episodes on December 8th. Doom Patrol season 2, meanwhile, is due on both DC Universe and HBO Max in 2020.