The CW Reportedly Has More Plans For Brandon Routh’s Superman

Superman Returns

One of the most popular of the various cameos in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” was Brandon Routh’s return as Superman. Though the Legends of Tomorrow star had been an Arrowverse regular for years anyway, it meant a lot to DC fans to see him back in the cape and tights again. Routh’s portrayal of the Man of Steel didn’t make a huge impact when 2006’s Superman Returns first released, but he’s become a cult favorite depiction of the hero since then, and folks would love to see more of him in the role.

Don’t get too exited just yet, but a new rumor suggests this could be a possibility. Insider Daniel Richtman has shared on his Patreon page that The CW reportedly has more plans for Routh’s version of Superman. That’s literally all we know at this juncture, though, so what form these plans may take is unknown right now. But it seems that the network is so thrilled with the success of Superman & Loisstarring Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark Kent, that they want to generate some new Man of Steel content.

Fans have often campaigned to get Routh a HBO Max series of some kind. It’s vaguely possible that The CW is thinking of giving him his own show, then, but to be honest, it’s more likely that they would bring him back for one of their Arrowverse crossover events. There’s bound to be more trouble in the multiverse again soon, after all, and Routh’s Supes of Earth-95 was revealed to have been restored to life in the post-Crisis reality. So, the window’s there for him to make another cameo.

Inviting him to return as Kal-El would be the least The CW could do after they unceremoniously dropped him and real-life wife Courtney Ford from Legends of Tomorrow last year, something that the actor has admitted came as a huge blow. Arrowverse viewers have been missing Ray Palmer ever since, so giving us some more of Brandon Routh as Superman would heal that wound somewhat.