Five Things We’d Like To See On CW’s Arrow

Arrow, the CW’s retelling of DC’s Green Arrow, is currently in mid-season hiatus and will return on January 16th with episode number ten. The series debuted on October 10th, 2012 to mostly favorable reviews, and was subsequently picked up for a full season on October 22nd after only two episodes aired.

The show mirrors the feel of the Christopher Nolan helmed Batman trilogy and it looks to capitalize on the network’s built in comic book fanbase, which was established after the successful ten season run of Smallville. While that show delved into more of the super power realm, Arrow is based in reality. So far none of the characters introduced in the show have shown any abilities other than incredible martial arts, great marksmanship and some athletic, acrobatic, Parkour skills.

If the network does decide to explore the meta-human aspects of the DC Universe though, they do already have a couple characters in place that have powers in the comics. Deathstroke, who so far has appeared as a mercenary for hire, and not as a major villain like in the comics, has advanced strength and mental acumen and a Wolverine-like healing factor. So far though, in the few fight scenes he’s appeared in, his powers haven’t shown up.

Dinah Laurel Lance is another recurring character, better known by her alter ego in the comics, the Black Canary. So far she’s only been seen practicing law, but if she does don the black fishnet stockings at some point to fight crime, who knows if she will have her meta ability known as the Canary Cry.

The CW has done a great job with Arrow so far by taking a comic book universe and putting it into a modern day setting. They’ve managed to introduce some familiar characters from the comic, and weave in some interesting new faces. That being said, there are still some improvements that they can make and here are five things I really hope they get to at some point during the series’ run. Since it seems like the show is grounded in reality, I’ll not pine for any super powered characters to appear. But if they add that super side to the show at some point in future episodes, I’ll revisit this list for sure.

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