Kevin Smith Teases Danny Trejo’s Return To The Flash With New Photo


Last week, Kevin Smith teased his upcoming episode of The Flash by sharing a shot of the front page of the script on Instagram. Now, he’s at it again with a new snap taken behind the scenes, which also reveals the guest star who’ll be popping up in the episode.

The cult favourite director shared a photo of himself on the STAR Labs set alongside Carlos Valdes in full costume as Cisco Ramon AKA Vibe. Next to them is Danny Trejo, who it seems is returning as Breacher, the uber-tough father of Cisco’s girlfriend Gypsy.

Smith captioned the photo (seen in the gallery below, along with some pics from the next episode) as so:

“The ep of @cwtheflash I’m directing this week has a certain Vibe to it. It’s been a Cisco and Breacher kinda morning with tha legendary @tha_los and born badass @officialdannytrejo on deck! Some would call it Day One of our episode, but I call it Day Fun.”

Trejo, most famous for playing the lead in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete movies, previously appeared in an earlier episode of The Flash season 4. In “Elongated Journey into the Night,” Breacher showed up on Earth-1 from his native Earth-19 in order to test Cisco to see if he was good enough to date his precious daughter. At first, he hated him but, by the end of the hour, he’d come to somewhat respect Gypsy’s new beau. Though we doubt things are going to be cosy when Breacher returns to STAR Labs in this upcoming episode.

This isn’t Smith’s first time working on The Flash either, of course. The director first hopped on board the Arrowverse with season 2’s penultimate hour, “The Runaway Dinosaur,” arguably one of the show’s best outings ever which saw Barry trapped in the Speed Force. In season 3, Smith returned to direct “Killer Frost,” a key episode for Caitlin Snow which saw her secret metahuman side revealed to Team Flash. Given how significant these installments have been, we can bet that 4×17 will be another important outing for the show, too.

You can catch The Flash every Tuesday on The CW.

Source: Kevin Smith