Cisco Must Prove His Worthiness To Breacher On The Flash


One of the most anticipated guest stars for The Flash season 4 has to be Danny Trejo. The Man behind Machete will join the cast of The CW’s superhero show as Breacher, the father of Cisco’s girlfriend Gypsy. If you think that Trejo sounds like a terrifying in-law, then you’d be right, as some new details on his character confirm that he’ll give Cisco a very tough time for dating his daughter.

Jessica Camancho, who plays Gypsy, spoke to CBR about what role Breacher will play on The Flash when he arrives on the scene in episode four, “Elongated Journey into Night.” It turns out he’ll be very protective of Gypsy and will force Cisco to “prove his worthiness.”

“Her dad is quite terrifying. He is quite protective of his baby girl. In his eyes, no man is going to be good enough for his little baby girl. Enter Cisco, who abruptly meets him. Cisco is forced to prove his worthiness to Breacher. Just as badass as Gypsy is, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. We see the source of her intensity. We see that in Breacher. He’s ready, upon meeting Cisco, to see what he’s made of.”

The Flash exec producer Andrew Kreisberg previously explained that adding Danny Trejo into the mix as Breacher was part of “a slight redirection” of the series towards more overtly “fun stories and much more just out and out hilarious things.” Watching a stony-faced Trejo giving Cisco a hard time sounds like it could be brilliant, so it seems that Kreisberg and his team are on the right track here.

Likewise, episode 4 will also introduce Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man, as played by Hartley Sawyer. Previous reports have suggested he’ll be a quip-happy, fun-loving character, so it’s clear that the hero’s addition is another part of this season’s move towards lightness and brightness – which can only be a good thing after the glum tone of season 3.

The Flash continues with episode 2, “Mixed Signals,” tonight on The CW.