DC TV Roundup: Gorillas Invade Central City, Prometheus Is Unmasked

3) I’m A Cybernetic Organism, Living Tissue Over Metal Endoskeleton

When a series builds to a certain moment, you cross your fingers hoping that it doesn’t disappoint. And, so far, Supergirl is doing nothing of the sort as it’s handling the return of Jeremiah Danvers extremely well. Long story short, Kara’s adoptive father has been in the background of the show, popping up here and there whenever he serves the storytelling and whenever actor Dean Cain is available.

This past Monday, “Homecoming” showed us that when an evil organization made up of mad scientists has held your dad captive for years, it might not be beyond the realm of possibility that they’ve done something to him. And although Mon-El was the unwavering voice of reason, it took him much of the episode to convince Kara and the others of the truth. But, Jeremiah pretty much let the cat out of the bag when he later attacked the DEO.

What served as the icing on the cake, however, was finding out that dear Mr. Danvers has had some cybernetic augmentations. Factoring in that the extended trailer for next week’s episode sees Lillian Luthor saying something to the effect of “you’re the only Superman we need” makes me hope the producers stray from canon and make him THE Cyborg Superman.

Yes, Hank Henshaw is the original from the comics and has already declared himself as “Cyborg Superman” out loud, but he’s been a guy in plain clothes for the entire season. To see Cain don a costume and play an evil version of Superman after having played Big Blue for four seasons on Lois & Clark would be one of the most awesome things 2017 could possibly produce.