DC TV Roundup: A New Black Canary Debuts, Jerome Steals The Show

5) The Brave And The Bold And The Beautiful

If anything, this week’s episode of Supergirl had no shortage of drama to complement the action. In the appropriately titled “We Can Be Heroes,” not only did James Olsen stand his ground in wanting to continue on as the Guardian, but Mon-El finally got off the bench.

That’s right, after months of buildup, the fish out of water Daxamite got his hands dirty as he assisted Kara in taking down a small group that had siphoned the powers of Livewire, which even led to the Maiden of Might showing what true heroism is when she saved the life of a sworn enemy.

Aside from that, interpersonal relationships continue heating up between the likes of Kara and Mon-El as well as Alex and Maggie. Somehow, I feel this series lends itself to showing the tender side of peoples’ lives better than most superhero shows on The CW, but let’s hope it doesn’t cross the line and turn into Smallville season 6, which will be remembered as the year of love triangles.