DC TV Roundup: Now That’s What I Call Music, Arrowverse Edition

4) Mayhem Of The Music Meister!

It’s the crossover you’ve been waiting to see, delivered under the premise nobody asked for!

This week on The Flash, the musical crossover with Supergirl finally arrived, making for what was easily my least favorite episode of the entire series. Seriously, just because the Arrowverse is populated with Glee alumni doesn’t mean we need to Glee-ify it. Sure, there are probably superhero fans who enjoy jaunty song and dance routines, but I’m guessing those less inclined to Grease it up are probably in the majority here.

Don’t mistake me for being somebody who’s all doom and gloom because I’m not (although I did listen to a Dimmu Borgir album earlier in the day). It’s just that this offering lacked the wit of what was seen several years ago when the Music Meister appeared on Batman: The Brave and the Bold. I promise that if you check out that episode, you’ll probably agree that it was far superior.

As it turns out, Barry and Kara’s comatose exploits were nothing more than an exercise in learning the power of love. My, wouldn’t Huey Lewis be proud. Furthermore, it was somewhat hinted that this version of the Music Meister was a being similar to that of Mxyzptlk, and I got the impression we haven’t seen the last of him.

But now that the producers have gotten this out of their system, I hope they never do it again.