DC’s Live-Action Legends Of Tomorrow Series Kicks Off Production Today With “Massive” Fight Sequence

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Pulling no punches, The CW’s upcoming live-action adaptation of Legends of Tomorrow is primed to jump-start production today with a “massive” fight scene, according to star Caity Lotz – on board to play Sara Lance/White Canary.

Tweets documenting the early stages of production on the series flooded the social media platform yesterday evening, with cast members and writers offering tantalizing glimpses at an early table read. In fact, Marc Guggenheim in particular hinted that the premiere of the mid-season show could be a two-hour event, which dovetails nicely into Lotz’s comment regarding that fight scene.


Joining Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg on the writing team – the trio will also executive produce – Guggenheim revealed the following photo via Twitter.

It remains to be seen whether the pilot episode, directed by Glen Winter, will be a two-part event; after all, normally such a sprawling arc would be reserved for a series finale. Then again, not many shows boast the ensemble of Legends of Tomorrow, and it could be a welcome tactic to accommodate the property’s burgeoning catalogue of heroes and anti-heroes.

It’ll join Arrow and The Flash on The CW’s roster in 2016, but as network president Mark Pedowitz noted last month, Legends of Tomorrow will be the last superhero project to be picked up by The CW for some time, lest the company be referred to as the DC instead. It’s a move that will ultimately benefit its library, simultaneously protecting against superhero fatigue and allowing its current creative projects some room to breathe.

Legends of Tomorrow will feature a ragtag group of DC characters fighting villains through different time periods, which is concept so ambitious that it just might work. It premieres on the CW in early 2016.

Source: Twitter