Devout Christians are furious Lady Gaga’s ‘blasphemous’ hit ‘Bloody Mary’ has gone viral thanks to ‘Wednesday’

Credit: @HS35058/TikTok/Netflix

At this point, it seems like nothing but time and another inevitable viral TikTok dance will stop Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary” from clawing its way back up the charts and into the heads of any person who spends time on the social media platform. And it’s all thanks to Jenna Ortega’s already-iconic dance scene in the Netflix series Wednesday, despite having zero official affiliation.

Of course, the song in question outright contains references to religion and the title itself can be enough to incense a devout Christian. So, naturally, Christians on social media aren’t particularly thrilled with the 2011 deep cut being given a new lease on life, as evidenced by a post by a Lady Gaga fan account on Twitter.

After garnering a fair bit of attention, the creator of the initial TikTok Hanna Stephens posted a follow-up video clarifying the reasoning behind why she considers “Bloody Mary” to be blasphemous, citing passages from the Bible to make her case.

Stephens says that the chorus’ notion of dancing with one’s hands above their head isn’t the key issue with the song, rather, it is the implication that Mary Magdalene was divine, and Jesus’ girlfriend that Christians should be irate about. 

Comments in response to Stephens’ Tiktoks range from curious Christians asking her to break down other popular songs in the context of the Bible, to outright mockery. 

At the end of the day, listen to whatever music you want, and live by the golden rule – be nice to people, and don’t be a jerk – perhaps that way we could all finally get along. No matter how you feel about it, the “Bloody Mary” train has well and truly left the station, having recently become the world’s most Shazamed song