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Diego Luna calls three-episode ‘Andor’ premiere ‘a very smart move’ needed to ‘understand the big game’

The 'Andor' actor wants viewers to fully appreciate what the story is trying to say.

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Andor star Diego Luna explains the decision to drop three episodes for the highly anticipated premiere. The original date for the series was August 31, but it was announced the series would move to September 21. The confirmation of a three-episode premiere made the blow a little easier to withstand.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Luna explains what he wants audiences to get out of the experience.

“Basically, the big idea behind the push was: how do we make sure audiences get to understand what the show will be about? What this show is bringing, and what we’re aiming for? And how ambitious it is? To understand that, I think you need to be able to see three episodes. That was a very smart move, to say, ‘We want you to understand what the show is going to bring to you. If you’re going to invest your time in our show, you need to understand the big game.'”

The series is set five years prior to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and will tackle some heavy and pertinent themes. Luna has said that this is a migrant story and he’s justified why Andor needs to exist. The story will show how Cassian Andor transforms from a thief into a captain for the Rebel troops while showing how different characters are affected by these dire times. The Empire is taking over the galaxy, and heroes will have to stand up or get wiped out.

Luna also spoke about Rogue One and how Andor would be different from one another. “I think that Rogue One is a great film, but it’s a film about an event,” said Luna. “We don’t get to know those characters really well. I think it’s fascinating to go back in the story of these people that were willing to sacrifice everything for a cost. I think that makes them very interesting characters to go deeper.”

This attention to detail and structure seems to fit the intent of how Andor‘s important message remains at the forefront. The show will have two seasons, each of which will be twelve episodes long, making them the longest Star Wars seasons yet. The MCU’s Daredevil will have 18 episodes, eclipsing Andor, but that’s another universe.

Andor season one will cover the first year, and season two will cover the next four, with groups of three episodes representing a year. The idea is for the series to lead directly into Rogue One so fans can watch the entire saga of Cassian Andor seamlessly.

Characters new and old to the Star Wars universe will be showing up; Forrest Whitaker will be reprising as rebel leader Saw Gerrera, and a new droid is rolling its way into the show, and Luna’s quite fond of his new companion.

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