Diego Luna thinks ‘Andor’ has found so much success ‘because it’s different’

Image via Disney Plus

Nearly two months on, and the impact of Andor can still be felt on the hearts of Star Wars fans everywhere. It remains to be seen how much success Tony Gilroy’s galactic political thriller will have over the course of awards season, but the many nominations it has received, most notably Diego Luna‘s Best Actor nomination at the Golden Globes, is groundbreaking in its own right.

Speaking of Luna, the face behind the eponymous thief turned freedom fighter has offered the world some of his own insight on why Andor has soared the way it did, revealing in an interview with IndieWire that the show is a wildly different shade of the Star Wars mythos, which perhaps contributed to its many attractive qualities.

“I’m here because Andor is being celebrated, and Andor happens to be a part of the Star Wars family. But it’s its own thing, you know? And that’s one of the reasons Andor has been so celebrated, because it’s different. It’s its own. It’s exactly what we wanted to do. And it feels great and weird at the same time. Because we are a part of Star Wars, but we are different from anything else that Star Wars brings.”

There’s more than a bit of truth in Luna’s belief; when it comes to Star Wars, none have deviated quite as much from George Lucas’ starting line as Andor, with the series opting to ditch the franchise’s usual crutch of visual effects in favor of giving extra attention to dramatic storytelling basics, with a special nod to dialogue, which drove most of Andor‘s events with a captivating tension that we don’t often see from the franchise.

However the world has decided to fall in love with Andor, we assume that Luna and the rest of the show’s team will be happy with just about any reason, and with the second and final season currently in development, the Star Wars fanbase eagerly awaits the opportunity to fall in love with the show all over again.

The first season of Andor is available to stream on Disney Plus.