Which Versions Of The Flash Are Going To Be Appearing In Season 2?


If you watched The CW’s hit television show The Flash last year, then you were treated to one of the best television adaptations we’ve seen of the Scarlet Speedster in years. Mind you, we watched the TV show in the 90s with John Wesley Shipp and LOVED it, but this new version is light years ahead of that.

One of the things the executive producers of the show like to do is toss out Easter eggs to the fans of the DC universe. In the first season alone, we saw the casting Shipp as Barry Allen’s father, as a direct nod in the finale to the very first version of The Flash from the comics.


Hardcore fans will know that there have been a few different versions of The Flash over the years, but newcomers or people whose only familiarity with the character is from the television show were probably wondering what was up with that metal helmet with wings.

So, we thought we’d give you a primer on all the different versions of The Flash that we’ve seen over the years, and tell you which ones you can expect to show up on season 2.