Disney Announces New Simpsons Short For Disney Plus Day

disney plus simpsons in plusaversary

In just two years, Disney has managed to establish itself as a dominant player in the world of streaming. Granted, the Mouse House essentially has access to limitless capital with which to fund such ventures and, as luck would have it, a vast library of sought-after content.

A surefire recipe for success, then, and it’ll likely come as no surprise that celebrations are in order. Nov. 12 will mark the platform’s second anniversary since starting service, with the occasion marking the arrival of several one-off specials. Reliable as always, The Simpsons is on-hand to deliver some crossover fun in a one-shot episode so-called “The Simpsons in Plusaversary!”

The Simpsons

While viewers likely won’t know how extensive the guest list is until release day, key art provided via press release reveals that Goofy will make an appearance, seemingly quickly establishing himself as Homer’s drinking (milk; not alcohol, by the way) buddy. The central conceit is that the nuclear family is entrusted with holding a party to celebrate Disney Plus day, with “everyone on the list… except Homer.”

Plusaversary will be the third in a series of Simpsons specials to air on Disney Plus when it debuts, following others dedicated to the Star Wars and Marvel franchises.