Disney CEO Teases Possible Mandalorian Spinoffs

The Mandalorian

One season of The Mandalorian has already given us more good memories than the entire Sequel Trilogy. Be it Salacious Crumb shish kabobs, Bill Burr impersonating Gungans or the titular character vaporizing Jawas, there are a ton of moments in the first run that still have fans buzzing. And that’s all without even mentioning Baby Yoda.

But the cute little critter wasn’t the only thing that made the show so darn enjoyable. Also helping things was that creator Jon Favreau (Iron Man) tried to get as far away from the Original Trilogy as he could, and the result now has fans very optimistic about the future of Star Wars. On the small screen, at least, as the movies are a whole different story.

It’s not only the fans who are high on The Mandalorian, though, as Disney themselves realize they’re onto a winner, too, and have now teased the possibility of perhaps doing some spinoffs. Speaking to investors earlier today, CEO Bob Iger said:

“The Mandalorian season 2 is coming in October, and then more coming from The Mandalorian thereafter, including the possibility of – infusing it with more characters and the possibility of taking those characters in their own direction in terms of series.”

Of course, this isn’t a firm confirmation that spinoffs are in the works, but it’s not hard to see from these comments that the Mouse House is pleased with their latest small screen effort and hope to milk it for all it’s worth. And for now, at least, that’s perfectly fine with us.

Before we get to any spinoffs, though, first we’ll see season 2 of The Mandalorian, which will be here in October. An exact premiere date still eludes us, but with recent reports saying the next run will feature more of Baby Yoda’s species, possible connections to Palpatine and an increased role for Moff Gideon, among other things, you definitely won’t want to miss what Disney’s got in store for us.

Now, if only they could get the films back on track and to the same level of quality as Favreau’s show…