The Mandalorian Season 2 Premiere Set For October On Disney Plus

Baby Yoda

To say that Star Wars fans are always split down the middle when it comes to new releases in the franchise would be an understatement, but The Mandalorian on Disney’s new streaming platform has proven to be an exception. Indeed, after an excellent first season, all people can seem to do is sing its praises, and now fans are eager for more.

Created by Jon Favreau and taking place after Return of the Jedi, the show focuses on a lonesome Mandalorian bounty hunter who finds himself in a struggle with the remnants of the Empire after taking on a job which sees him tasked with recovering a highly-valued asset, who just so happens to be the adorable Baby Yoda.

As you’ve surely seen by now, The Mandalorian quickly won over just about everyone when it premiered last year and is probably the least divisive property in that galaxy far, far away. At least, out of all the franchise’s recent efforts. As such, it’s no surprise that folks are giddy with anticipation for season 2 and it seems they won’t have to wait long for more. That’s because Disney announced earlier today that the next run will premiere this coming October.

No exact date was given, but it’s nice to finally have a month pegged down for when we can expect The Mandalorian to be back on our screens. In regards to plot details, well, those have been hard to come by, but we’ll reportedly see even more of Baby Yoda’s species going forward, with a few reports even pointing to the new season having some connections to Palpatine.

Whatever it is that Disney has planned, though, it’s pretty clear that showrunner Jon Favreau knows what he’s doing with this fictional universe when it comes to lore and characterization, which only makes us that much more excited for the return of The Mandalorian.