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Disney Reveals Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 Premiere Date

Disney Plus have finally confirmed the premiere date for the seventh season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and it's coming sooner than we thought.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The seventh season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars now has a release date on Disney Plus: we’ll be getting new episodes of the animated show on February 17th, 2020.

Of course, the return of the series has long been in the works, having been announced by Lucasfilm as far back as San Diego Comic-Con in 2018. The final run of the show will wrap up a saga that began in 2008 with a movie, and continued for five seasons on Cartoon Network and a sixth set of episodes on Netflix in 2014.

Dave Filoni, who directs and produces The Clone Wars, recently revealed his excitement about being able to conclude the story on Disney Plus. Speaking to the official Star Wars website, he had this to say:

“Personally, it’s very rewarding. Any opportunity to put the final pieces of the story in place is meaningful as a storyteller. I’m happy for the opportunity to define these things and the end of this part of the Clone War. It also makes me reflect on all the people that I got to work with over the years. It reinforces the things I learned from George. It reminds me of the important elements that go into making Star Wars. So, it’s nice on several levels, and I think for the crew that’s still here that worked on Clone Wars, they feel that, as well.”

The Clone Wars has been a fan favorite series since its launch and during the development for season 7, we’ve learnt that Ray Park will be back as Darth Maul, with Ahsoka Tano also returning for the final episodes of the series. The animated show has significantly expanded on the storylines set up in the Star Wars prequels, too, including a mix of standalone stories and battles against villains such as General Grievous and Count Dooku.

Over the course of the six seasons to date, we’ve also seen a lot more of the diplomatic process around the Clone Wars, bounty hunters, Anakin Skywalker’s gradual turn to the Dark Side and the significant role of Jedi Ahsoka. Indeed, the popularity of the latter character led to a voice cameo in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and talk of appearances in other live-action productions. In recent years, however, Lucasfilm have focused more on other animated projects such as Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars Resistance, while continuing to put out official tie-in media for The Clone Wars.

We’re certainly keen to see how exactly the seventh season ties into the stories that have followed, especially given the opportunities to flesh out the mythology and history of the series. We’ve already had a shot at predicting some of the storylines in the new season as well and it’s not unreasonable to consider that there’ll be a couple tie-ins to fellow Disney Plus series The Mandalorian, too.

In any case, all will be revealed soon enough, as Star Wars: The Clone Wars returns on February 17th. Don’t miss it.

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