Doctor Who’s Jodie Whittaker Teases This Year’s Special Episode

Doctor Who

Doctor Who fans are still patiently waiting for this year’s special episode which will air during the festive season and bring back the Daleks to presumably wreak havoc on the world and ruin the Doctor’s day.

The sci-fi show chronicling the adventures of the Last of the Time Lords went out with a bang this year by revealing the true identity of the Timeless Child. Now that the Thirteenth knows she’s not originally from Gallifrey, it’s safe to assume that the next season will delve into her identity and forgotten past lives. But before that, Chris Chibnall will address the finale’s cliffhanger ending which saw a platoon of the Judoon teleport the Doctor to an intergalactic prison. This year’s special episode, “Revolution of the Daleks,” will feature the return of Graham, Ryan, and Yaz, and as the name suggests, revolve around the titular character’s oldest enemies.

Since the new crew of Doctor Who is surprisingly more tight-lipped than previous eras, we don’t know a lot about the upcoming episode other than the fact that it’ll include a redesigned Dalek similar to what we saw during last year’s special, “Resolution.” Apparently, though, the title of the episode is hinting at something that Whovians should already know about, as Jodie Whittaker recently revealed in an online panel with her predecessors Matt Smith and David Tennant.

“I think I’m allowed to say what it’s called… it’s called ‘Revolution of the Daleks,'” She said. “There’s a bit of a hint in it. But that’s all I can say.”

Defining “revolution” is a bit of a tricky job when it comes to the Daleks. After all, they’re hardly an oppressed species. But it may hint at a civil war among different factions of the ruthless aliens, something we’ve seen numerous times in the past.

As for the Thirteenth’s role in this matter, we’ll only have to wait and see when the new Doctor Who special airs sometime during this year’s festive season.