Doctor Who Season 12 May Feature An Environmental Pollution Story


Doctor Who season 12 is currently in production and, as per Jodie Whittaker’s first season as the Thirteenth Doctor, the BBC has kept details on the next run as much under wraps as possible. Due to outdoors filming though, it was revealed that returning monsters the rhino-headed Judoon will appear, as confirmed by subsequent set photos, and now, details on another episode have surfaced online.

According to The Mirror, season 12 will feature an installment that sees the Doctor exploring the damage done to the world’s oceans by plastic pollution. As per their insider:

“Last season, the theme was empowerment for women, mirroring what was happening elsewhere in the world. This time there will be an effort to get behind the message that what we’re doing is killing our planet. Kids are really involved in these environmental issues so it’s a perfect fit for Doctor Who.”

The Mirror suggests feminism was the only real-world issue touched on in season 11, but it actually reflected a range of problems viewers could relate to. Take “Rosa,” for example, which fearlessly shined a light on racism. Or “Kerblam!”, which took shots at Amazon and corporate greed.

In fact, environmental pollution was already explored in “Arachnids in the UK,” which saw a Trump-alike figure guilty of illegally burying toxic waste. Hey, maybe that’s the same character behind this, up to his old tricks again. After all, actor Chris Noth has said that he’d like to return as crooked businessman Jack Robertson in the future.

Shooting on season 12 has so far encompassed Tenerife, South Africa and, naturally, England and Wales. There are rumors that another Christmas/New Year’s special could be on the way, too, but if that’s not the case, then we can expect Doctor Who to make a comeback in early 2020. While we wait the TARDIS’ return though, let us know what you’d like to see in the next run in the comments section below.

Source: Mirror