Doctor Who Star Is Down For A Romance Between The Doctor And Yaz

Doctor Who Yaz
Image via BBC

Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor hasn’t been one for romance so far. Unlike her male predecessors in the modern series, the latest version of the Time Lord is happy to just stay friends with her companions. But maybe things will change in season 13. After all, since this era of Doctor Who began, many fans have been clamoring for Thirteen to get together with pal Yaz Khan, but is this something that’s on the horizon? Perhaps, and if it is, actress Mandip Gill would certainly be up for it.

While speaking to SFX Magazine to promote the upcoming New Year’s special, “Revolution of the Daleks,” Gill revealed that she’s blown away by how fans have reacted to this possible pairing and is touched by how much it means to people.

“Me and the Doctor? I love it. The fan art is just out there. It’s good, innit? You want a character and a storyline – even though that storyline wasn’t there – you want people to be talking about it. I don’t want it to just stay on-screen,” she said. “I want people to relate to it or have seen something in our two characters that they think could go on a different journey. So to me, I’m here for it.”

To clarify, the actress stopped short of stating that this is definitely a development that’s on the way. “I’m not saying it happens or it doesn’t happen,” Gill added. If the Doctor and Yaz were to ever lock lips, though, she went on to joke that she would want Whittaker to “balms her lips, because I really take good care of mine.” She added: “Don’t let that be your headline – she’ll get loads of lip oil sent to her!”

Part of the reason that nothing’s blossomed between the Doctor and Yaz so far is that the TARDIS has been so cramped. However, both Ryan (Tosin Cole) and Graham (Bradley Walsh) are exiting the show with the special and Gill will be the only companion going into season 13. So, now would be the perfect time for the pair to develop a closer bond. But then again, their days will still be filled with saving the world, so there might not be room for any workplace romance.

Season 13 is in production now, with it possibly arriving late next year. In the meantime, don’t miss Doctor Who‘s return to our screens this January 1st.