New Doctor Who Season 7 Posters Emerge

Looks like Steven Moffat was serious when he said each episode of Doctor Who‘s seventh season would be like a blockbuster movie. Keeping in line with the cinematic theme, the BBC has released stylistic posters for the first five episodes of the upcoming season.

The 11th incarnation of the Doctor (played by Matt Smith), as we last left him, is travelling through time and space in his TARDIS with everyone’s favorite ginger Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and her husband Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill).

This season will see the TARDIS crew cavort with dinosaurs, visit the Wild West, and (of course) fight off the Daleks.

What everyone’s talking about, though, is the highly-anticipated exit of the Pond couple. The Ponds will take their leave of the Doctor in the fifth episode, which will also feature River Song and the ever popular Weeping Angels.

Will the Ponds be sent back in time, as the Weeping Angels are known to do to their enemies? We’ll have to see but we do know that Steven Moffat has described their departure as being under “heartbreaking circumstances”, a sentiment echoed by Karen Gillan.

I didn’t want to make it real. I literally couldn’t read [the script] without crying. It was the most highly-charged read-through I’ve ever experienced. But I couldn’t have asked for a better exit. I don’t think it’ll be what people expect,” said Gillan.

Every situation has a sunny side, though; whenever a companion leaves, a new one takes its place. The 2012 Christmas special will introduce us to Doctor Who’s newest cast member, Jenna-Louise Coleman.

Although most viewers will undoubtedly miss the Ponds, Doctor Who is above all things a show about change, and the never-ending parade of new characters goes with the fan territory.

Check out the Series 7 premiere of Doctor Who on BBC America this Saturday, September 1st.