Does Death Note Season 2 Have A Release Date?

Death Note Season 2

Over the past 14 years since Death Note finished airing, fans have eagerly awaited a follow-up to Light Yagami’s time as the notorious serial killer Kira.

Recently, the internet has been alight with news that a revival is imminent. The franchise received its first new content in many years in early 2020 with the launch of Death Note: a-Kira Story, followed by February 2021’s Death Note: Short Stories.

A-Kira Story takes place 10 years after the original manga and follows Ryuk as his Death Note is gifted to a school student, Minoru Tanaka, who is said to have the same level of intelligence as Light. But instead of using it as a tool to become a vigilante, Minoru chooses to sell the Death Note to the highest bidder.

With new content in the Death Note series, you may be wondering when anime fans will get their chance to see this Minoru’s story for themselves. Here’s what we know about Death Note’s supposed second season.

When will Death Note Season 2 be released?


As it stands, Studio Madhouse has yet to announce any plans for an anime adaptation of the one-shot manga.

When Death Note ended in 2007, it became one of the most beloved anime series of all time, which would make it a prime candidate for a reboot in the near future. A big reason for the anime drawing to a close was that it had already adopted the majority of its manga counterpart for its story. With nothing left, the series came to its brutal conclusion.

In Death Note: a-Kira Story, we see Near return once again, this time as L’s true successor. Near chases down Minoru and his sale of the Death Note, following in his predecessor’s footsteps. This means if we do see the story adopted for a second series, we’ll likely get a mix of new and old characters throughout the story.

With the obvious demand for a new season, and the completely new story to adopt from the Death Note one-shot, there is always a chance that fans could see a second season of the anime in the near future. But for right now, fans can only go back and relive the epic story in the first season of the show.