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Watch: Doom Patrol Season 3 Trailer Teases Madame Rouge And The Sisterhood Of Dada

The new trailer features a lot of things that will surely excite fans.

Doom Patrol
Image via Warner Bros.

DC’s Doom Patrol just received a brand new trailer for the show’s third season which revealed the arrival of new key characters including Madame Rouge and the Brotherhood of Evil.

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In the trailer posted earlier today, we see Madame Rouge’s arrival and she has seemingly lost all of her memories after her time traveling capsule crash lands. From the trailer footage, it would seem that Rogue isn’t the cut and dry villain she’s known as being in the comic source material, instead potentially an ally for parts of the season.


Other members of the Brotherhood of Evil that will be joining the show this season include The Brain and Monsieur Mallah who have both appeared in DC projects before like Young Justice and Teen Titans. These two characters are clear antagonists to our cast of Doom Patrol. Along with them, Garguax will form the core roster of Brotherhood members during the season.

These aren’t the only threats for our main cast to encounter during the season though, as Rogue teases in the trailer the emergence of the Sisterhood of Dada, which is a spin on the Brotherhood of Dada from the Grant Morrison Doom Patrol run of comics.

Alongside these major players, the trailer hints at a range of other foes which seemingly include zombies, however, we won’t know for sure who is showing up until season three first airs exclusively on HBO Max on September 23. If you’ve yet to check out the show you can watch both the first two seasons on the streaming service right now.