The Walking Dead EP Say The Door Remains Open For Michonne’s Return

Michonne Walking Dead

We knew it was happening for the longest time, but Danai Gurira officially left The Walking Dead behind a few weeks back in season 10’s thirteenth episode, “What We Become.” Much like Andrew Lincoln’s exit before her, Michonne’s farewell was left open-ended and seemed to promise that she would be back for more in future projects. Unlike Lincoln, with those Rick Grimes movies, though, we didn’t immediately get any official news about her TWD future.

However, showrunner Angela Kang has now offered a few teasing words about Gurira’s continued involvement with the franchise. While speaking to Deadline, the EP noted that “the door remains open” for more appearances from Michonne. Though when it comes to the wider scope of the TWD brand, Kang can’t comment.

“I mean, I think we’ve got to live in the world where the characters live. I think they do have hope that maybe she can come back again,” Kang said, “and obviously, for the sake of the universe, but that’s not really my realm.”

That “realm” belongs to Walking Dead‘s chief content officer Scott M. Gimple, While the storyline of Michonne’s final episode, discovering evidence that Rick is still alive, hints that things will continue in Lincoln’s movies, Gimple has actually previously teased that a solo project for Gurira is in the works. He seemed to suggest she could get her own film. That said, We Got This Covered’s intel says that it could end up as a miniseries instead.

Michonne was last seen heading North on Rick’s trail, in the hopes of being reunited with “the Brave Man.” So maybe we can infer that her journey will be the subject of her own vehicle while her eventual encounter with Rick – we hope – would come in one of the trilogy of films that they’re developing for Lincoln. Remember, AMC has big plans to expand the TWD universe exponentially.

It seems more like the door is wide open for Gurira to return to The Walking Dead whenever she’s ready, then. It just might not happen on the parent series.