Echo and Kazi get their own ‘Hawkeye’ posters

echo hawkeye

Hawkeye episode 3, “Echoes”, properly introduced us to Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez, who is set to be an important player in the MCU going forward. Though she’s serving as an antagonist to Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton and Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop, the Tracksuit Mafia boss is due to turn over a new leaf for her upcoming spinoff series, Echo, which was officially announced last month.

In the run-up to Hawkeye‘s release, Cox was left out of much of the marketing, but now that we’ve gotten to know her character she’s finally been given her own poster. So has her loyal lieutenant, Kazi, played by Fra Fee. These posters follow on from others highlighting the archery duo, Lucky the Pizza Dog and even Echo’s Tracksuit Mafia goons. Check them out in the gallery below:

On course to be both the MCU’s first Native and deaf solo lead, Maya is on a mission of vengeance to find the Ronin and kill him after he murdered her father — assuming that is really what happened. She also looks to have a certain bald Hell’s Kitchen crime boss for an uncle. That should create some interesting developments if Maya ever gets together with Daredevil, like she does in the comics, in her own show.

As for Kazi, he’s a much different character on screen. Instead of a freelance assassin in clown make-up, he’s Echo’s trusted number two who seems to care about her a lot, even if he questions her leadership sometimes. Given their close bond, it seems like there’s a good chance Fee will return as Kazi for Echo, assuming he makes it out of Hawkeye alive, which isn’t confirmed.

Hawkeye, which has three episodes left to go, unfolds Wednesdays on Disney Plus. Echo, meanwhile, is due to start shooting in January 2022.