Elliot Page Shares New Umbrella Academy Season 3 Set Photo

Elliot Page

Elliot Page has shared a new set photo from The Umbrella Academy season 3, confirming that work on the smash hit Netflix comic book series has resumed.

Last November, the streaming giant announced that the show would be back for another run, and now just three months later, production is underway. Page – who plays Vanya, one of the superpowered Hargreeves siblings – revealed the news via Instagram this Tuesday.

“Omg we’re back again,” the actor said in the caption to his post. The pic they shared didn’t give anything away, but it does remind us of the big twist that the next run will deal with, as set up by the shock cliffhanger of season 2’s finale. As you can see below, Page snapped a close-up of an on-set chair which features an updated version of the series’ logo on it. The familiar Umbrella Academy umbrella is adorned with a “3” and has a sparrow perched on top.

After finally making their way back to the present day at the end of season 2, the Hargreeves discovered they’d actually arrived in an alternate timeline – one where Sir Reginald Hargreeves is still alive and he adopted a different bunch of superpowered kids, who are known as the Sparrow Academy. The premiere will be titled “Meet the Family,” promising that we’ll properly get to meet the Sparrows in that episode.

The gap between seasons has been a significant one for Page, as the actor came out as trans and non-binary not too long ago. There was initially some concern from fans that he would step down from the role of Vanya, but this was quickly proved not to be the case. It’s been reported, however, that Page’s real-life experience could be reflected on the show with Vanya maybe getting a similar coming out storyline in season 3 of The Umbrella Academy.