5 Things That Make Enlightened Just About The Best Show On TV

The HBO show getting scores of attention on Sunday nights is Girls, but following it in airtime and gaining ground in terms of critical attention is Enlightened. This strange and strangely beautiful comedy is brought to us by Laura Dern and writer Mike White, most famous for writing School of Rock. Like many others, I arrived at the show late, not picking up on it until the first season had completed. I think I was bitter that HBO cut Hung and How to Make It in America and, most of all, Bored to Death before its two new Sunday night shows began. I’m sure this is why I resented Enlightened in particular, since it received little attention initially.

Needless to say, it has won me over in a big way. And not just me; critics on Twitter have started loudly proclaiming the virtues of this unique show in hopes that HBO will renew it for a third season, as its viewership is a fraction of the size Girls draws for them. Season 2 especially has shown a marked improvement for Enlightened, with each episode airing these past few weeks introducing exciting new elements involving the overarching thrust of the primary story and also in some neat little departures in form and focus. With just one episode in the season remaining, to air this Sunday, it has quietly become one of the best shows on TV, certainly of those airing currently, and possibly among all that have aired in the past few years.

It’s safe to assume most people aren’t watching this show, so here are 5 reasons why you should be.

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