Eren’s voice acting in ‘Attack on Titan’ was inspired by poodles and chips

The voices of Attack on Titan’s Jaeger brothers took to the main hall at Anime NYC today in a panel about the show’s final season. Bryce Papenbrook, the voice of Jaeger, joined Jason Liebrecht, the voice of Zeke, joined Matt Acevedo to discuss their characters and the show. 

Papenbrook, who also voices Sword Art Online’s protagonist Kirito, shared how he tried to capture Eren’s anger while recording the series with a saccharine and hilarious story about his dogs.

I constantly would think about traffic in Los Angeles….And another thing is, I have two dogs. Unfortunately one of them passed away recently. She is the inspiration for a lot of the anger in the show. They’re Maltese poodles. Little white fluff balls. Here name was Mini. And I still have the smaller of the dogs, her name’s Micro. And I had this bag of chips I was really looking forward to eating. And those dogs. Those poodles! They ate my chips!”

That’s right, a poodle named Mini drove Eren’s voice actor to rage so he could record the early seasons of the show.

Liebrecht shared his own canine woes. They’re not related to Attack on Titan, just cute.

“I had a labradoodle who would do that with a full brisket. We literally had to put a lock on the fridge. He did it with a two liter Dr. Pepper. Literally, we came home and it was punctured and empty — and there was no puddle anywhere?”

If you’re wondering what flavor Papenbrook’s chips were, you’re not alone. “Cool ranch,” he said.

Crunchyroll announced today that they would be streaming Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 on Jan. 9, 2022. The concluding half of a season will also stream on Funimation and Hulu, but there’s no word yet on the dub’s release date.