Ethan Hawke Says He’s Not Playing A Well-Known Character In Moon Knight

Moon Knight

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Disney Plus series Moon Knight has been shooting for well over four months at this point, but virtually everything we know about the project so far has come from either grainy set photos and videos, a leaked image that purportedly revealed star Oscar Isaac in full costume, or Ethan Hawke.

The four-time Academy Award nominee has been drip-feeding details on his MCU debut in various interviews for weeks now, without giving anything away. It’s a trait that everyone involved in the franchise has gotten great at over the years, but Hawke hasn’t been shy when it comes to lavishing praise on Isaac and the Marvel machine as a whole.

He recently stated his belief that Moon Knight is set for success because it doesn’t come with the same baggage attached to a Batman, Spider-Man or Superman, all superheroes that are household names. In the same chat, Hawke was asked if that means he’s playing a character that isn’t particularly well-known, and he stumbled over his words a little before returning to the standard party line.

“Yeah, its… I’ve signed about 10,000 NDAs and they give me a hard time anytime I say anything about it. They’re very secretive about it. They like to create a lot of anticipation. But I understand why people love working for them. They’re extremely active, friendly. They do good world-building and create space for actors. If you want to play, they want you to play.”

Hawke did say he was basing his performance on infamous Waco leader David Koresh, and he’s sporting long, straggly gray hair and a beard for the part, but that’s about all we’ve got to go on. Oscar Isaac bringing a cult comic book favorite into live-action for the first time in a big budget MCU project is more than enough to get fans hyped, though, with Moon Knight one of the most hotly-anticipated Disney Plus exclusives on the horizon.