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Every Major Villain In One Punch Man

There has been plenty of opposition for Saitama.

One Punch Man manga
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In the world of One Punch Man, there are plenty of villains of all kinds. From alien threats, mutant experiments, or just your standard human, Saitama has had many challenges during the animes run.

While Saitama isn’t a tough out for these characters and in most cases is responsible for their demise, here are ten of the biggest villains to go up against Saitama in One Punch Man.

Deep Sea King

Deep Sea King is one of the main villains that Saitama faces in One Punch Man at the conclusion of the aptly named Deep Sea arc. He boasts multiple forms with his main form a muscular green amphibious creature, but when empowered by water he enters his natural state which appears much more like a typical large green monster. This villain boasts great hand-to-hand combat with helpful attributes like good durability, immense speed, and reflexes. Deep Seas King even has regeneration abilities and acidic spit at his disposal.

Dr. Genus

Dr. I Genus is one of the human villains that Saitama is tasked with facing. Unlike many of the other foes in the show, Dr. Genus has extremely average combat skills, but to make up for this is the extreme intellect that allows him to accomplish some impressive feats in the world of genetics.

Speed-O’-Sound Sonic

Sonic is one of the most common villains and occasional ally for Saitama and boasts an androgynous appearance. As the name suggests, Speed’s best assets come in his speed and reflexes which help out monumentally in combat. Sonic uses a range of weapons and is also a master of ninjutsu with plenty of techniques at his disposal.

Kombu Infinity

Out of all of Saitama’s enemies, Kombu Infinity may be the most odd-looking. A black silhouette with what looks to be seaweed tentacles protruding isn’t something you’ll be familiar with. These tentacles aren’t just for looks though they are also tools for battle and facilitate the power, speed, and durability of this villain.


Boros may be the first cyberpunk cyclops in anime and along with the striking looks of this villain, Boros boasts quite a powerful skillset. Along with the durability, speed, and reflexes, Boros also boasts energy projection skills and power release strengths. Boros fighting style is focused around big blasts that can tear apart foes in a quick fashion.

Mosquito Girl

One of Dr Genus’s creations Mosquito Girl is another of the villains within One Punch Man. As the name implies, Mosquito Girl boasts an appearance of a Mosquito / Girl hybrid. Her abilities include overwhelming strength, impressive speed and reflexes, and mastery in hand-to-hand combat. Her main weapons come in the form of using mosquito’s under her control to attack targets.

Vaccine Man

Vaccine Man is one of the more unique villains in One Punch Man. Believed to be born from excessive pollution courtesy of humanity, Vaccine Man looks is a purple-colored muscular being with two distinct antennae on his head. This villain has the ability to transform into a much larger form with bigger claws, teeth, and spiky scales. He also boasts the ability to shoot energy balls and fly.


Geryuganshoop is an alien villain for Saitama who boasts a unique appearance that changes color when in battle. While his appearance may not look like much when in battle he has a variety of abilities that make him a tricky foe to go up against. Notably, his durability, but also the telekinetic abilities that allow him to shoot projectiles from a distance. 

Carnage Kabuto

Another of Dr. Genus’s creations, Carnage Kabuto is the strongest creation to come from the House of Evolution and he boasts a massive beetle-like physique. Carnage is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter that is both durable and powerful. He also boasts a Carnage mode which increases his strength and changes his appearance to boast a bigger physique with more intimidating horns.


The martial arts prodigy, and dubbed the Hero Hunter, Garou is arguably the most powerful foe for Saitama to face. Garou has an arsenal of abilities at his disposal including his strength, durability, speed, and reflexes, but most of all his hand-to-hand skills are where he shines. Garou also has accelerated growth and enhanced senses. If you’re looking for the villain who may stand the best chance at taking on Saitama then Garou is the guy. 

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