5 Excellent Shows To Watch After Breaking Bad Ends

Breaking Bad

You can feel the electric static buzz in the air around Breaking Bad right now. The show is just THE subject when it comes to television. Something about the amazing, unrelenting transformation of Walter White has completely ensnared the nation, with every single person who is a fan of TV right now up in arms that at the end of this season, Breaking Bad goes bye-bye. And judging from the dark tone that ran through most of the series, I think it’s safe to say Breaking Bad will not have the type of ending where people ride horses off into the sunset.

No, I think it is safe to say there will be bloodshed, and death, and loss on some pretty extreme scales. So not only will we have to bid ado to Breaking Bad, we will probably be forced to do it in a manner that leaves our hearts aching. It will be loss stacked on top of loss. Better call your doctor and get on that Xanax script now. But take comfort in knowing all is not lost. There are a slew of other amazing shows that exist and have existed prior, that will help you get over the immediate and painful withdrawal you will be forced to go through when you are proverbially “cut off” from Walter White.

While I can’t promise you that any of these shows are better than Breaking Bad, I can promise you that they are all enjoyable enough that you won’t be in your room, sweating and having the tremors in your bed if you watch these.

Here are the five shows that will take you from a Breaking Bad addict back to a regular human being. These are the coolest shows that feel the closest to Breaking Bad, easing you out rather than making you go cold turkey. Except for the last one. The last one is just awesome.