New Falcon And The Winter Soldier Set Pics Reveal Bucky’s New Look


Bucky Barnes has had a pretty tough time of it over the past decade, but he looks to be in charge of his life again in The Falcon and the Winter SoldierThough his old friend Steve Rogers has retired, Buck will be pairing with his new best pal Sam Wilson to carry on Captain America’s work. And he’s got a spiffy new look to compliment his turn towards being a bonafide superhero.

We’ve already got a feel for his refreshed appearance through other set photos and that poster before now, and these latest pictures snapped from filming in Atlanta, Georgia offer another glimpse at Sebastian Stan on location. As you can see, Bucky has shorn off the long locks he had throughout his long life as the Winter Soldier and just looks more dapper in general than he has while being a fugitive from the law and laying low in Wakanda.

Just to refresh your mind of Lieutenant Barnes’ arc, he appeared to die during a mission with Cap and the Howling Commandos during World War II, but was secretly brainwashed by HYDRA to act as their assassin for the next 70 years, with cryogenic freezing keeping him young.

When Steve learned of his survival, though, he helped him get free from HYDRA’s claws. His problems didn’t stop there, however, as Zemo framed him for mass murder during the Sokovia Accords conflict. He was then reduced to dust for five years during the Blip. Sheesh, this guy needs a break, eh?

Speaking of Zemo, Daniel Bruhl will be returning in Falcon to cause havoc once more, but hopefully the pair will be able to bring him down again and Bucky can get some payback for the pain the supervillain caused him last time. There’s also Wyatt Russell’s John Walker/U.S. Agent to contend with, the government’s own choice to replace Captain America. But at least allies like Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) are around to help the boys out.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is the first of Marvel’s new TV shows to hit Disney Plus, dropping on the streaming service this fall.

Source: Twitter