Fans Are Gushing Over Their “GOAT” Anime Picks

Whether you’ve only ever watched Dragon Ball Z or keep up with seasonal anime, you’re bound to have a favorite piece of Japanese animation. For many, it might be fueled by childhood nostalgia and for others, it might be purely from the story or animation alone. Either way, it’s not easy for everyone to agree on what the “Greatest Of All Time” anime truly are.

Still, a user on /r/anime asked “What is an anime you can proudly say is your GOAT” and saw over 500 people comment with their suggestions. While the original poster suggested Code Geass, the highest voted responses were all different.

Others brought up some true shonen classics that many fans have watched — or at least heard of — before.

And still a few more suggested newer hits that while popular, have yet to prove their staying power.

There were many other answers shared in the original thread, none got quite as many upvotes agreeing with them. Are there any major anime picks you think are missing from this? Tell us in the comments!