Fans don’t want the ‘Six Feet Under’ revival to come to life

When Variety said that their exclusive sources had revealed a follow-up to Six Feet Under was in the works, the internet was not happy. Nevertheless, the show was a massive hit for all of its 63 episodes across five seasons in the early aughts. It followed the lives of the Fisher family and their associates in the running of a funeral home in Los Angeles.

After receiving over 50 Emmy nominations — winning nine of them — and picking up multiple Golden Globe wins, most fans may reasonably think it’s a perfectly good show as-is with a solid start, middle, and finish. So while the rumors from Variety didn’t say if the show was a full-on reboot, sequel, or even prequel, fans were up in arms saying it absolutely shouldn’t happen.

Podcast host Dave Schilling may have put it best, discussing how a revival of any kind goes against some of the show’s central themes.

Another user pointed out how if HBO Max wants to change the ending to any show, it should be Game of Thrones after its disastrous final season.

Another user pointed out that it’s incredibly likely that the show might simply ruin an otherwise beloved series.

So many fans were commenting on how the ending to Six Feet Under was perfect that it even began to trend on Twitter. “Breathe Me” is widely considered one of the greatest series finales of all time and even helped launch Sia’s career after her song soundtracked the episode’s closing sequence.

Fingers crossed, a Six Feet Under reboot doesn’t kill the series’ magic.