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Fans have very mixed reactions to ‘Riverdale’ ending after 7 seasons

The CW announced that the next season of the dark n' gritty comic book series will be its last, and the fans have some... feelings.

Image via the CW

There was a time when the most passionate an Archie comics fan would get about the series would be debating the eternal question, “Betty or Veronica.” (The answer: Both.) But times have changed, and with the CW’s announcement that the upcoming seventh season of Riverdale, the dark-and-gritty Archie series, will be its last, fans have taken to Twitter with their thoughts and feelings.

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The series, which starred KJ Apa as Archie, Camila Mendes as Veronica, Lili Reinhart as Betty, and Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones, took the traditionally wholesome All-American characters and faced them off against serial killers and the supernatural.

Naturally, some fans were absolutely heartbroken that their favorite show was about close to over. “elaine hatepage” became “elaine sadpage” when the news broke and needs some space:

While we’re a little worried about Camryn. Someone should check in on her:

Elly Belle’s friends have proactively gathered ‘round to take care of their own:

Other users were more concerned about whether Betty and Archie would finally be able to get together:

Nube hates the show but still will watch to the bitter end because they’re emotionally invested in the stories and characters:

This person who identifies as a peace symbol was quietly philosophical about the news:

Some people just wanted to celebrate the show’s highlights:

Other fans hoped this would give the show’s writers an excuse to get wild and push its stories further into the realm of crazy:

While still, other fans believe the cast hates working for a living and are excited to be unemployed actors again:

And finally, some people don’t care about Riverdale at all. They just want some attention: