MCU Fans Can’t Wait For WandaVision To Finally Introduce Wiccan And Speed


During last night’s Super Bowl, a promo aired for Disney Plus’ upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe shows, finally giving us our first official look at The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision and Loki. While it was only a brief 30-second spot, there was more than enough footage shown to have fans heading online to dissect every frame.

It may have been more of a sizzle reel for Marvel Studios’ upcoming slate rather than a full-blown trailer, but enough was revealed to give some pretty big clues about which direction each limited series is heading in, story-wise. For instance, we’d known for a while that the events of WandaVision were set to incorporate multiple realities, and tie directly into the plot of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but now we have the first real confirmation that not only is Wanda pregnant, but her twins will become the newest members of the MCU.

Star Paul Bettany has previously admitted that the show will be bonkers, and the brief TV spot does a great job of selling how different WandaVision is going to be compared to standard MCU fare, with both title characters spotted in multiple costumes across the footage, including Elizabeth Olsen wearing what appears to be a meta version of her comic-accurate outfit.

However, fans are most excited about the big reveal of two cribs, which confirms one of the major rumors that has been circulating around WandaVision for a while now. Namely, the introduction of her twin boys Tommy and Billy, better known as superheroes Speed and Wiccan.

Not only does WandaVision open up the idea of multiple realities within the MCU, which will obviously play a huge part in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and beyond, but the introduction of Speed and Wiccan could also hint that Marvel are starting the slowly build towards the Young Avengers, of which the twins are key members.

Upcoming Disney Plus debutantes Kate Bishop and Ms. Marvel are also part of the team, while Scott Lang’s daughter Cassie joined the group as well at one point. And when you consider that a recent casting call sounds awfully like Marvel are looking to cast Young Avengers alum America Chavez, it seems as though WandaVision could be set to lay the building blocks for the studio’s next major superhero team.