The Witcher Season 2 Officially Resumes Filming

The Witcher

Full normality in our pandemic-hit world may still be out of reach for the time being, but the TV industry has started to recover. Filming on The Witcher season 2 has officially resumed, with director Stephen Surjik taking to Instagram to share a photo of their newly established COVID-19 communication system, intended to reduce the need for close physical contact between crew members.

The hit screen adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy book series was just one of countless productions to take an enforced break whilst the world adjusted to the new reality. Some managed to wrap just in time (Doctor Who’s 2020 special, much to my chagrin), some had to curtail their seasons early (Batwoman, The Walking Dead), and others, like The Witcher, had to pause indefinitely.

This resumption brings an end to a near-5 month filming hiatus, a hiatus that’s pushed the second run’s premiere into the latter half of next year at the earliest. Loads of extra time then for me to actually watch the damn thing. I swear I’m going to, if only so I have more to talk about when it comes to writing fresh stories about it. This is me committing to a Witcher binge by the end of August.

Mixed reviews for a fantasy series tend to leave me fearing clunky dialogue and nerdy lore, but then I recall the outright savage reviews Game of Thrones’ final season received, and remember I identified with none of them. So, here’s to 8 episodes of enjoyable telly.

Anyways, if you’re excited that The Witcher has finally restarted filming, share your enthusiasm in the comment section. Hopefully I’ll be joining you shortly.