Filming Wraps On Season 2 Of The Punisher As New Set Pic Emerges


Filming on the second season of Marvel/Netflix drama The Punisher has now wrapped. At least, that’s according to Jason R. Moore, who plays Curtis, friend and confidante to Frank Castle, the former Marine brought to life by Jon Bernthal who becomes the titular gun-toting vigilante after his family’s murdered by mobsters.

Moore shared an image on his Instagram account of himself alongside Bernthal (who was wearing an authentic Frank-like grimace) and the director of the episode. “Curtis – Director – Frank,” he wrote in the caption on the photo, before adding: “it’s a wrap! #thepunisher.”

The Punisher season 2 has been filming in New York since March and set photos have revealed that, just as we expected, Ben Barnes will return as Billy Russo in the new run. Formally Castle’s best friend, it turns out that Russo’s the rat who sold out Frank’s family and is responsible for their deaths. In retaliation, the Punisher rams Billy the Beaut’s face into a carnival mirror, leaving him a mangled mess. As per the comics, we expect him to now be reborn as the supervillain Jigsaw.

Producer Joe Quesada has previously teased that season 2’s “going to be exactly what fans want,” and will be full of “crazy stuff.” As for the star of the show, Quesada seemed lost for words. “And Bernthal, Bernthal is Bernthal, man,” he said last month. “He’s a force of nature, the dude.” We’ll take that to mean he gives another terrific performance in the part he’s now played since Daredevil season 2.

Unlike Iron Fist‘s shorter sophomore runThe Punisher season 2 will continue with Marvel and Netflix’s typical 13 episode structure, something showrunner Steve Lightfoot’s defended in the past. It’s too early for a release date just yet but, seeing as filming’s finished before Jessica Jones season 3, it looks like Frank Castle’s return will be the first Defenders-verse show to arrive in 2019.