Final ‘Moon Knight’ poster showcases the many sides of Marc Spector

Image via Marvel Studios/Disney

Moon Knight has now concluded its (first, we hope) run on Disney Plus, and while fans have some conflicting feelings on it, we can all agree that Oscar Isaac gave it his all in the lead. Marc Spector is undoubtedly the MCU’s most multi-faceted superhero, as the Star Wars veteran got to play two distinct characters in one throughout the show, not to mention Marc and Steven’s superhero forms.

And this new, probably final, Moon Knight poster spotlights all Marc’s many sides, not to mention his entourage of allies, enemies, and Egyptian gods. Moon Knight, and underused favorite Mr. Knight, take center stage, with Marc’s wife Layla (May Calamawy) and nemesis Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) flanking them. The highlight of the poster, though, has to be sassy hippo goddess Tawaret gently waving in the background.

“It all comes down to this,” reads the official Moon Knight Twitter account’s caption to the poster, which you can catch via this here tweet. “Watch all episodes of Marvel Studios [Moon Knight], now streaming on [Disney Plus].”

Yet again, however, Marc’s third personality Jake Lockley is nowhere to be seen on this poster. Having said that, this is forgivable given that he only makes a brief appearance in the finale. Maybe in a week or so’s time, once the cat (or cabbie) is out of the bag properly, Marvel might drop a special character poster for the Spanish-speaking assassin.

The poster’s tagline, “it all comes down to this,” could just be generic finale-teasing, but it might also be a hint that this really is the end for Moon Knight. Unlike Loki, the last episode didn’t conclude with the promise of a second season to come. Still, there are plenty more plot-threads to be explored, not least Jake himself. But no one involved with the show seems to know if another batch of episodes will be made. Well, either that or they’ve been sworn to secrecy by Kevin Feige and his snipers.