#FireGinaCarano Trends Worldwide After Controversial New Post

Gina Carano

Over the past few months, The Mandalorian actress Gina Carano has managed to anger Star Wars fans in a variety of ways by sharing her divisive right-wing opinions on social media, ranging from a pronouns joke she made that was accused by being transphobic to supporting the destructive Capitol Hill riots. Now, Carano has come under fire again for a post that many are viewing as anti-semitic and defending Nazis.

The former MMA star has generally kept her social media clear of controversy of late, but it seems she couldn’t bite her tongue any longer as Carano shared a series of controversial stories on her Instagram account today. Chief among them was a screenshot of a message that essentially likens the persecution of Jewish people in Nazi Germany to being a Republican in contemporary America.

At the very least, this post is tone deaf and has left fans up in arms. #FireGinaCarano is a recurring trend on Twitter as it is, but irate Star Wars lovers have currently made it the top trend on the site as many users believe it’s time that Lucasfilm removed her from the franchise and recast the role of Cara Dune.

Carano is also being criticized for the rest of her current Instagram stories, which – among other things – insinuate that the US press is corrupt and dishonest.

Others, meanwhile, are confused why Marvel director James Gunn was similarly fired (albeit temporarily) for his own controversial Twitter activity and Carano hasn’t been.

Then there are those directly reaching out to Mandalorian showrunner Jon Favreau and demanding he act.

Reports are going back and forth on whether the studio will pay attention to the backlash and cut ties with Gina Carano, though it does seem to be the case that Lucasfilm is tired of the negative press she’s bringing to the Star Wars brand. Last we heard, however, the actress had privately apologized for causing any trouble. Though with #FireGinaCarano persistently trending on Twitter, it remains to be seen if they’ll accept it.