First look at Robert Englund’s ‘Stranger Things’ character has fans giddy with excitement

Images via Netflix/Remix by Keane Eacobellis

A brand new trailer for Stranger Things season four dropped today, raising the hype even more for the much-anticipated incoming run of the Netflix phenomenon. And, going by the trail, this one promises to be the darkest and most horror-influenced yet. So it’s only fitting that the new season will feature horror icon Robert Englund in a key role.

We’ve known the Nightmare on Elm Street star would be in the show for ages, but this trailer finally revealed our first look at Englund as his character, the brilliantly named Victor Creel — and fans are giddy with excitement. Stranger Things has always tipped its hat to 80s movies and TV shows, with various legends of the decades turning up in its first three seasons. e.g. Sean Astin, Cary Elwes, and obviously Winona Ryder.

Having Freddy Krueger himself added to that ever-growing list is causing social media to go wild, then, with Englund’s role now standing as a major highlight of Stranger Things‘ return.

ST season four has been in the works for so long — filming started way back in early 2020 and only wrapped up in late 2021 — that folks had either forgotten Englund was announced to be in it or else missed the news at the time. So the glimpse of him in the trailer has made their day.

When worlds collide.

Apparently the best way to get viewers to catch up on your show is to add Robert Englund to the cast.

Englund’s Creel look is intriguing, as folks are already speculating that the eyeless character — known to be a serial killer who murdered his family in the 1950s — is somehow connected to the monster glimpsed at the end of the trailer.

It’s not long until we get to find out the truth. Stranger Things season four, part one debuts on Netflix just next month on May 27.