The Flash May Resume Production This August

The Flash

2020 will go down in history for many reasons but will be remembered as a particularly miserable year for the entertainment industry. After four months in which we faced endless delays and postponements, though, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. While the virus still poses a danger, governments are beginning to relax their lockdowns, meaning that movie and TV shoots have begun to dust off their costumes, warm up their cameras and pull the plastic sheets off their mothballed sets.

Now, a new report from Deadline indicates that Vancouver, long-known as a television production hub, is relaxing its rules. As such, a variety of shows may be coming back soon. Specifically named is The CW’s The Flash, which is pencilled in for a restart in either August or September.

The Flash faced a truncated sixth season earlier this year, with the show having to wrap up its plotline a few episodes earlier than planned. Now, it seems that those unfinished season 6 episodes may be repurposed into the season 7 opening. Hopefully this means that season 7 will start with a bang, as we’ll be getting all the bells and whistles of a season finale at the very start of a season.

Other shows slated to return now that Vancouver is back in business include The Good Doctor, A Million Little Things and Supernatural among others, all looking likely to recommence filming in late July. One wrinkle is that there’s a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine for anyone flying into Canada from a COVID-19 hotspot, which Los Angeles is currently ranked as. This may mean that only actors and crucial staff will make the trip, and shows will rely heavily on local production talent.

However it works out, I’ll just be happy to see cameras rolling again. At this point, The Flash season 7 should begin in Spring 2021. Fingers crossed.