When The Flash Season 7 Might End Up on Netflix

The Flash

The Flash and the rest of the Arrowverse shows won’t be coming back to The CW this fall as usual, what with the pandemic holding up the start of production on the new seasons. Instead, the network will premiere its next round of original programming in January 2021. We know when to expect the series to broadcast, then, but what about when they’ll arrive on Netflix. When can we expect The Flash season 7 to debut on the streaming site?

Well, What’s On Netflix has considered the evidence and come up with an answer. In previous years, including this one, The Flash has always dropped its latest season on Netflix shortly after the airing of its finale on The CW. Season 6 concluded in early May this year, for instance, and hit the streaming site in late May. So, the key to working out when season 7 will go up on Netflix is in deducing when it’ll wrap up on The CW.

Now, it’s currently unclear if season 7 will consist of the typical 22 episodes, or if the final three episodes of season 6 that were left un-produced will bring the entire count up to 25. So, it’s possible there’ll be 25 weeks’ worth of The Flash in 2021, which would take up half the year. Plus, The CW frequently rests its shows for a week or so to extend their runs. This can happen up to 15 times per season.

If this trend is repeated next year, then that would mean season 7 will stretch across 40 weeks. As such, it’s possible that the finale could air in very early October. This is all dependent on whether the season lasts 22 or 25 episodes and how many breaks the network filters in throughout, but the finale arriving in early fall definitely seems likely.

From what we can deduce, then, The Flash season 7 won’t be hitting Netflix until the final quarter of the year. So, if you catch up with the show primarily through the streaming service, then you may have to binge-watch the previous seasons a bunch of times over the next 12 months or so to keep yourself occupied.