The Flash Season 5 Set Photo Reveals New Look At Nora’s XS Costume


The Flash season 4 ended with Barry and Iris discovering that they’re going to become parents. Although, this being a superhero show, the revelation didn’t come about in the usual way. Their speedster daughter from the future, Nora, traveled back to the present to meet them and in doing so may have made a “big mistake.” Or several.

While the ramifications of her actions could be severe – like Barry says in the season 5 trailer, she could “Marty McFly herself out of existence” – at least the Scarlet Speedster will find himself with a new sidekick in the DC show’s next run, as Nora’s a bonafide superhero herself, who goes by the name XS and comes complete with her own costume.

We’ve already seen some snaps of actress Jessica Parker Kennedy suited up as XS, but this new set photo below gives us another fresh look at the character in superhero mode. It sees Kennedy’s stunt double in the purple and white outfit, taking a break during filming on the streets of Vancouver.

The costume’s basically a lightly adapted version of the one worn by Iris when she was temporarily turned into a speedster last season, but Nora’s comes with a new Flash insignia. Comic book readers will recognize it as a replica of the one sported by Jenni Ognats on the page, a descendant of Barry’s who’s part of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st century.

Grant Gustin has teased that the union of Barry and his daughter will create one of the show’s best action sequences to date, which we can’t wait to see in the season 5 premiere. Nora’s arrival also means that she brings the iconic Flash ring from the future with her, which contains a revamped version of Barry’s suit, too.

You can look forward to seeing all of that and more on The Flash this year when it returns to The CW on Tuesday, October 9th.