The Flash Star Teases A Major Sacrifice For Team Flash In Season 6

The Flash Season 4

One of the biggest consequences of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” on The Flash is the death of the Speed Force. Oliver Queen’s Spectre energy may have saved the multiverse, but it also spelled doom for the mystical speedster realm. Barry Allen is now running on borrowed speed and will soon be left without his powers. With things getting desperate, then, it looks like Team Flash will have to make a big sacrifice in order to give him back his abilities.

At least, that’s what the Scarlet Speedster himself, Grant Gustin, has teased. In an in-depth interview with TV Line, in which he reveals much of what we can expect from the remainder of season 6, the actor was asked about what the S.T.A.R. Lab gang’s next move is when it comes to reigniting Barry’s speed. Last time, he had the idea of using Nora’s diary to help them. But this will prove easier said than done.

“Barry will have the Speed Gauge that Cisco and Caitlin developed to register how much energy he is using and make sure he is not wasting his speed, but in the meantime this artificial Speed Force isn’t going to come together as quickly as we would like it to,” Gustin explained. “And when they eventually do find a way to get it to work, it comes with a pretty big sacrifice for the team.”

Well, that doesn’t sound good. It’s unclear if this is the same sacrifice Gustin is talking about, but elsewhere in the same interview he hints that Joe West is going to be in “serious danger” and will be “harmed” during an altercation with Rag Doll. Gustin even went so far as to say that “the dynamic of the West family and Team Flash is going to be altered for a while because of what happens with Joe and Rag Doll.”

And we can expect this to happen tonight on the show, as the contortionist villain is reappearing in The Flash 6×16 “So Long and Goodnight” (see the gallery above). Remember, there are just four weeks of the current run left, following the lockdown preventing the final episodes being filmed. So, episode 19 is the new finale and it airs May 12th on The CW.