The Flash Star Shares New Image From The Set Of Season 5


If anything, the season finale we witnessed this past May preserved The Flash‘s annual tradition of going out on crazy cliffhangers. After all, if you’re going to match happenings such as Flashpoint and Barry Allen’s exile into the Speed Force, then why not have his daughter from the future, Nora, show up to let us all know that she also enjoys messing with the timeline?

Given that, the wait to see what’s next in the saga is indeed hard to endure, but on the plus side, actress Danielle Panabaker did recently confirm that cameras have begun rolling on season 5. This is actually the usual time Arrowverse shows get back to the grind so that not only do the post-production teams get ample lead-in time to meet fall premiere dates, but also because San Diego Comic-Con presentations are scheduled for later this month. Yes, that means you should expect a trailer.

Speaking of which, Panabaker is back at it again, this time Tweeting out a photo from the set. Granted, it’s nothing spoiler-ish, but it does let us know that production is coming along. From the look of it, she’s happy to be back at STAR Labs, which we imagine to be her home away from home at this point.

As you can see, Danielle had a little fun with this one by using a filter familiar to social media aficionados. That said, there’s no reason to run around telling your friends that Caitlin Snow has grown teddy bear ears – even though that would be an interesting twist.

Staying on the subject of alter egos, we’re intrigued to see Caitlin get her groove back as it were, for she still needs to find a way to bring back Killer Frost. With all the hoopla surrounding the Thinker’s defeat, this is something that’ll be be carried over into the next chapter, so let’s hope Ms. Snow finds a way to chill out in time for the next big crossover.

The Flash returns for its fifth season on Tuesday, October 9 on The CW.