The Flash’s 100th Episode Will Bring Back Past Speedster Villains


Speedster villains were once all the rage on The Flash as The CW show’s first three seasons all saw Barry Allen face off against a foe with the same powers as himself. As the formula wore thin, the next couple of big bads have offered a different kind of threat. But for the series’ celebratory 100th episode, it seems some familiar speedster villains could be making a grand return.

Horror legend Tony Todd attended MCM Comic-Con this weekend and revealed the juicy detail about The Flash. The actor voiced the fearful speed demon Zoom in season 2 of the show and let slip during a Q&A that his character and at least one other speedster – namely, Reverse-Flash – would make a comeback in the 100th episode, as they both “want a piece of Barry.”

The last time we saw Zoom, he’d been desiccated by the Time Wraiths and taken into the Speed Force for his crimes. Following that, he later turned up in Legends of Tomorrow, reborn as their enforcer, the Black Flash. With the gift of time travel, though, Zoom could easily return to battle Barry once again. It’s unclear at this point if Teddy Sears, who played Zoom’s alter ego Hunter Zolomon, will also be appearing, but it’s certainly possible.

Reverse-Flash having a role in the 100th episode, meanwhile, comes as no surprise, as he’s certainly the biggest nemesis of the Scarlet Speedster’s. Despite having been removed from history, Eobard Thawne’s kept on coming back. First as a member of the Legion of Doom on Legends and then once again in the body of (Earth-X’s) Harrison Wells in the “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover.

Seeing as both Zoom and Thawne will feature, it’d make sense for Savitar to make a return, too. The villain, who turned out to be an evil time-remnant of Barry himself, was voiced by another horror legend in the form of Saw’s Tobin Bell. Anyone know what he’s been up to lately?

Be sure to catch The Flash every Tuesday on The CW, with the 100th episode airing on December 4th.