Fox Renews The Gifted For A Second Season


Despite being a lifelong fan of the X-Men, I must confess that I had some reservations heading into the series premiere of The Gifted. To put it mildly, I wondered if such an endeavor could be capably handled on a major network, especially considering that its roster was made up by mostly D-list characters. Thankfully, my worries were put to bed as Bryan Singer, Matt Nix and the rest of the crew proved that this franchise has so much depth that it makes failure difficult.

From the get-go, this family-centered superhero series proved to be a success in the ratings department, but that didn’t mean doubt wasn’t cast over its future. In other words, Disney’s recent acquisition of Fox forced many to wonder as to whether The Gifted‘s sensibilities aligned with the Mouse House’s agenda for Marvel as a whole. Don’t forget that when they acquired the comic book publisher nearly a decade ago, they cancelled fan favorite animated series such as Wolverine and the X-Men and Spectacular Spider-Man in favor of launching cartoons produced under their own umbrella.

Regardless, with it being the number 3 new drama of the 2017-18 television season – in addition to it being formatted for 13-episode runs – it seems as though the deck is being stacked in the favor of The Gifted, at least for now. That being said, we’re more than thrilled to confirm that it’ll be coming back for a sophomore run. And with it currently averaging 8.3 million total viewers across all platforms, it may very well find some longevity beyond that.

In the meantime, The Gifted is set to air its two-hour season finale on Monday, January 15 on Fox.