Fringe Season Four Extended Teaser

Fringe has one of the most loyal, if not sizeable, fanbases in TV and those fans are in a frenzy over the latest teaser for the show’s fourth season which begins Friday September 23rd. The teaser picks up where the season three finale, titled “The Day We Died” ended, with Josh Jackson’s Peter Bishop seeming to have been blinked out of existence after stepping inside the so called ‘Doomsday Device.’

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable. 

Fox had teased Fringe fans earlier this Summer with a clever and intriguing 10 second teaser seen at back in July. Despite being blinked out of existence, Joshua Jackson will be back as Peter Bishop in season four. Now, it’s just a matter of how Peter will be brought back from non-existence; a plot thread that Fringe producers are keeping as a closely guarded secret.

Season four of Fringe almost didn’t happen as ratings for Fringe have never been strong but with the show airing in the TV dead zone of Friday nights, where there is less pressure to put up big ratings, the series got a reprieve that many other series (Firefly, Dollhouse) did not.

FOX President Kevin Reilly recently addressed the low ratings and quite candidly admitted that he doesn’t expect ratings to rise in the fourth season. Reilly did say though that the success of American Idol allowed for the network to take chances on shows like Fringe.

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