‘Game of Thrones’ showrunners say they won’t be returning for HBO’s spinoffs

Game of thrones
Image via HBO

When you play the game of thrones, you win, or you die. It seems that Game of Thrones showrunner D.B. Weiss understands this principle all too well, which is why he and David Benioff won’t be returning for any of the fantasy show’s numerous spinoffs currently in development at HBO.

At least that’s according to what the television producer recently told Entertainment Weekly, noting that for them, “it was time to move on.”

“All in, we were 11 years, probably, doing that show. When I say 11 years, it was full-on, all in, all day, every day for 11 years,” Weiss said. “It was the best decade of our lives. It still kind of feels a bit like a dream, but we got to a place where it was pretty clear to us that we had reached the end of what made sense for us to be involved with in that world that we lived. It just felt like, for us, it was time to move on and get excited and terrified about building something else – building lots of something elses.”

The producer further claimed that it wouldn’t make sense for the two of them to get involved in HBO’s spinoff shows, which is a point that both the network and fans can agree on, given the controversial fate of Game of Thrones in its final season.

“We never saw more Game of Thrones shows [as] something that made sense for us to be involved with, given where we were just as people at the time we were done with the original.”

The creative duo retired from Westeros started to work on a new Star Wars movie, but those plans have since been scrapped due to the lackluster reaction to the show’s last run. As for what we can actually expect from them in the near future, Weiss and Benioff have been developing a new science-fiction series called The Three-Body Problem, adapted from the novel of the same name by Liu Cixin.

House of the Dragon, set for release in 2022, will be the first GOT spinoff to exclude D&D as creatives, though the series boasts George R.R. Martin as its co-creator, so we have a feeling that things will work out just fine for the future of Westeros in live-action.